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Cyber Guard’s director Ron Rietveld is a Business focused Authority in Cyber Security, Information Security & Compliance, with a drive for developing and implementing practical solutions that keep our clients Safe & Successful. Together with the Cyber Guard team he is delivering International Results with Leaders like you, towards 3 decades, saving companies significant amounts of Money and Time, in the financial, public and private sector, with enterprise clients like e.g: Ministry of Justice, ABN AMRO Bank, Tax office, ING Bank, SVB, Healthcare regulator NZa, Financial regulator DNB, Thales, Ahold, TU Delft, TNO, Alhold & Albert Heijn, UWV.

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Based on our extensive knowledge and practical real usage experience, we only offer, what we know works and has a proven track record. Combined with your and our teams we keep you Safe & Successful.

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Postbus 9607 (Box G58)
1006 GC, Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Chamber of commerce:
KvK 61060658

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Results like e.g:

  • Creating a Technical Risk Heatmap for the whole infra-structure of a critical utilities company in 1 month.
  • Reduced the audit and risk issues of ABN AMRO IT International by 90% in 1 year.
  • Got a MoD program’s Security accreditation back on track in 1 month, after being stuck for 2 years.
  • Implementing the SVB Security Operation Center (SOC) in 1 year, within half of the time and cost, protecting the yearly social payments of 42+ Billion Euros.
  • Realized an additional Bonus cost saving of over 1 million Euros, with the IT insights & quick wins provided by the SOC, eliminating the planned investment programs.
  • Developed an easy & practical IT Risk Control Framework (RCF) and successfully implemented this in ABN AMRO globally. (operating in 28 countries) This increased process efficiency and reduced ABN AMRO's cost of compliance significantly.
  • Fixed critical security issues in the AS/400 systems in 6 months, to let management demonstrate being in control to the regulators.
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